I am a computer scientist with more than 10+ years of demonstrated experience implementing and architecting software solutions around 4 countries in small and large companies.

I love coffee, complex systems thinking, and martial arts.

Education 👨‍🔬: Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from UCI, Cuba in 2013.

Professional Experience 👨‍💻

Senior Software Engineer | Spirit Airlines | USA | February 2020 – To present.

•   Redesign and migrate legacy code to a decoupled, secured, and highly available, suit of ASP.NET APIs (46+ endpoints) into Azure API Management Service.

•   Implementing ASP.NET Core API with query filtering capabilities using .Net OData Core Lib and OData Client Connected Services.

•   Implementing long polling server sent events endpoints with ASP.NET Core 6 Minimal APIs using SignalR (lately we migrate these endpoints using gRPC instead) to monitor real-time airplane status data.

•   Decoupling and implementing ASP.NET APIs Endpoints using Azure On-Premises Data Gateways, Azure Function, Consumption/Standard Logic and Apps, Amazon SQS, and Azure Message Bus that improve >50% average load (throughput) per second for spirit.com web and mobile application.

•   Implementing logs and traceability techniques with Serilog, Applications Insights, and Azure Monitoring.

•   Implementing Azure Dashboards with specialized analytics queries and push notifications alerting strategies that improve 100% reactiveness and speed in troubleshooting production issues.

•   Decoupling and migrating .NET Framework >6.2, Python jobs, and SQL SSIS Data Packages into Azure Data Factory, Azure App Services, and Azure Functions.

•   Implementing and redesigning with Azure Kubernetes a few clustered data-intensive (~100gb daily) modules to process highly specialized data (like employee interconnected master hub module that integrates data from ultipro.com).

•   Implementing CI/CD techniques with Azure Repos, Azure Pipelines, and Azure DevOps in general.

•   Defining and documenting Visio architectures documents describing the right microservices architecture implemented, type of hosting, data storage, data format compression, security configurations, communication protocols, and message broker patterns used for each data API and ETL solution.

•   Improving executive business decision-making process effectiveness by more than 100% by adding Azure Synaptic Analytics + BI Report that generates close to real-time business analytics insight reports.

Senior Software Engineer | BELUSA LLC | USA | February 2018 – January 2020.

•   Implementing backend ASP.NET APIs for the web canvas editor discountmug.com.

•   Implementing and architecting 5+ highly ASP.NET Core MVC decoupled and docker containerized modules for WMS (a Warehouse Management System) increasing and allowing full monitoring and automatization of all retail orders.

•   Implementing a windows desktop designing app with UWP using C# and Adobe Illustrator COM Type Library (with one .pdf as only documentation).

•   Maintaining old legacy Visual Basic and C# Windows Form and WPF applications for boxing/unboxing, printing, and labeling among others.

•   Increasing SQL Servers’ performance, and availabilities, and defining the right strategies for store procedures and T-SQL query optimizations.

CTO | Oppo Solutions LLC | USA | November 2017- February 2018.

•   I failed to implement and pivot our marketing platform product roadmap strategy and develop a tail winded SaaS marketing application startup.

Senior Software Engineer | Midway Ford | USA | August 2017 – October 2017.

•   Implementing C# console apps and workers process that manipulates and store manufacturing, financial statistics, sales, and client data into a SQL Data Warehouse.

•   Implementing a CRM Sales module and client web page using C#, ASP.NET, and DevExpress.

•   Implementing web scrappers jobs using Beautiful Soap library and python.

•   Implementing python and C#, ETL services, and background jobs that helped increase dealership sales by ~25%.

Software Engineer | BAYTEQ Cia | Ecuador | January 2016 – September 2016.

•   Implementing C++ AFORE modules to analyze client/server biometric voice data, automatically extracting playback samples and delivering personalized insight including automatic audio play voices for the AFORE mobile and web application.

•   Implementing and architecting a suit of digital signatures WCF HTTP Web Services allowing higher level and critical biometrical data transference for BancaNet. (Bayteq-Banamex Mexican Bank application).

•   Optimize database schema, tables, index strategies, and store procedures to improve backend database services.

•  Troubleshooting and implementing difficulties strategies with Microsoft Support for near to 6 months; which helps us fix IIS 7.5 and SQL Server 2012 high load crashing issues, increasing the availability of applications by up to 90%.

Software Engineer | INNOVASYS S.A | Ecuador | August 2015 – January 2016.

•   Implementing Internal C# SharePoint web parts for achieving a responsive design with Bootstrap and CSS for DirecTV Ecuador.

•   Implementing with C# a module for securing and granting access to specific SharePoint requirements management document modules.

Software Engineer | DESOFT S.A | Cuba | August 2013 – September 2015.

•   Implementing a complete suite of ERP .Net Framework library and modules used by Cuban Transport Bus Station company nationwide.

Software Engineer | PDVSA S.A. | Cuba – Venezuela | 2009 – 2013.

•   Implementing a SCADA web/desktop application with Qt and C++.

•   Implementing .NET C++/CLI high throughput and critical middleware framework for the entire SCADA Platform.

•   Implementing real-time monitoring application with Android SDK and Java, that controls and monitors all IoT PLC and low-level industrial devices allowing monitoring of the most critical Oil platforms supervision data (this later become my bachelor’s degree thesis).

Technical Skills: ⚒️🔦🔍🔨🖥️💻🖱️⌨️🖨️💾💽🖲️

•   Languages: C#, Python, C/C++, T-SQL, Java, F#, Scala, JavaScript.

•   Cloud: Azure, AWS.

•   APIs/Communication: .NET Core, .NET 6, ASP.NET, AnyPoint Platform, OData, HotChocolate, GraphQL, Refit, RestSharp, NSwag, OpenAPI, AsyncAPI, SignalR, WebSocket, gRPC, JSON, XML, SoapUI, Postman.

•   Databases/ORM/Caching: Azure SQL Server, Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Storage, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Amazon Aurora, Amazon RDS, Amazon DynamoDB, ElasticSearch, MariaDB, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Entity Framework, Entity Framework 2do Level Cache, Dapper, Memory Cache, Redis (Distributed Cache).

•   Log/Telemetry/Tracing: Azure Monitor, Application Insight, AWS CloudWatch, Serilog, Log4Net, NLog, ELK Stack, Azure Dynatrace, Datadog, Prometheus, Graphana, OpenTelemetry, LightSpeed.

•   Microservices: Docker, EKS, AKS, Azure Logic Apps, Azure Functions, Azure Services Bus, Azure Event Hubs, AWS Lambda, AWS SQS, AWS Kinesis.

•   DevOps/CI/CD: Terraform, Pulumi, Azure DevOps, GitHub Actions, Travis CI, Circle CI, Jenkins, Cake, Nuke.

•   Testing: xUnit, NSubstitute, Moq.

•   Others:  Blazor, UWP, WPF, WCF, C++ Standard Libraries, NHibernate, JQuery, JQuery UI, Bootstrap, SharePoint 2013, Windows Mobile, OutSystems Platform, Android, Xamarin, Vue.JS, Bootstrap, LESS, NPM, Bower, Grunt, Git, TFS, AutoMapper, Mapster, Benchmark.NET, HangFire, Traefik, Polly, MediatR, Swashbuckle, FluentValidation.