Why technical debt is hard to measure?

In my previous article, I wrote about why I think managing technical debt is challenging; in this essay, I will answer another critical question that remains open. Why technical debt is hard to measure? Adam Tornhill, in the introduction of his book Software Desing X-Ray, wrote:  “Repaying technical debt is Continue Reading

Why technical debt is hard to manage?

In software development, technical debt has emerged and popularized as a critical aspect that influences the quality and efficiency of software products. You will dive into millions of articles, videos, and several particular and deep-dive books that include other new terms, more complex technical invented definitions, and psychology analysis techniques. Today, understanding Continue Reading

How to unleash your inner Curiosity to master Understanding.

You are standing on the shores of the cosmos, where galaxies spin like celestial dancers, and the universe’s secrets signal you to uncover their mysteries. You are not alone, Newton and Albert Einstein are your best friends, and they are helping you to unravel the grand tapestry of existence and Continue Reading

The Biggest Insights from My 10 Major Career Missteps.

In today’s letter, I want to reveal the biggest mistakes I made during more than ten years as a professional software engineer, plus five years studying for a bachelor’s degree and a lifetime trying to become a better scientist. But first in short, let me share some story. I have been an immigrant four Continue Reading

A Powerful Method To Handle Infinite Sources of Information.

In the previous letter, I explained a complex and structured system for transferring information into intelligent notes. In this letter, I will show you what I have learned when doing it in practice; I will share several insane insights with you, so you can increase efficiency and improve your note-taking process using Continue Reading