How to evaluate the true Adoption of Good Coding Practices.

I was reading Martin Fowler’s blog, and suddenly, a relatively old entry caught my attention: the article Is High Quality Software Worth the Cost? triggered an immediate response in my eyes, and my brain promptly answered with no words, definitively, “It always depends.” However, since I greatly respect Martin’s work, Continue Reading

Why technical debt is hard to measure?

In my previous article, I wrote about why I think managing technical debt is challenging; in this essay, I will answer another critical question that remains open. Why technical debt is hard to measure? Adam Tornhill, in the introduction of his book Software Desing X-Ray, wrote:  “Repaying technical debt is Continue Reading

The Biggest Insights from My 10 Major Career Missteps.

In today’s letter, I want to reveal the biggest mistakes I made during more than ten years as a professional software engineer, plus five years studying for a bachelor’s degree and a lifetime trying to become a better scientist. But first in short, let me share some story. I have been an immigrant four Continue Reading