Lessons Learned from The Carousel of Progress show.

I visited Disney Hollywood Studios on Christmas a few days back; it was a fun and exhaustive four-day travel.

Since I’m a fan of science and innovation, The Carousel of Progress was one of the main attractions I wanted to see with the family. It was our first time in Hollywood Studios, so the family and I were excited.

The show contains four acts, starting around 1920 and ending in the 21st century; in general, it shows the impact of one hundred years of progress and scientific revolution in a typical US family home. Yes, I know this is impossible in just a few minutes, but at least allow you to show your kids how important science has been for us.

One lesson was clear: science has revolutionized our lives, but most people only notice the result of millions of research hours and hard engineering work.

Most people do not understand how often Tomas Edison (to name one example) failed or the importance of those failures for the products they consume. Unfortunately, most people only care about the light bulb that will remove the darkest nights from their lives or the new refrigerator that will hold food for longer and give them cold water on hot days.

Teach your kids science, play games that enhance their curiosity about the world they live in, and show them the biggest scientists and discoveries that have changed our day-to-day lives.

Please start with the fundamentals of math, physics, and computer science, but also show them biology and cosmology. Most importantly, in that process, show them the importance of failure.

Yes, you might think that not everyone should become a scientist; the world also needs singers, actors, influencers, writers, poets, etc. But one thing has been clear: those who understand science are better armed to create a better world around them.

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