Unlocking Elon Musk’s Biggest Concerns.

I have studied Elon Musk intensively in recent months, and I dedicated more than 1000 study hours to watching his videos, reading books about him (see this book), reviewing his tweet, and researching many articles that, at best, are trying to exhibit you how Elon Musk think and act.

Today, I will share the most impactful insights that made my brain struggle for an extended time, with the only purpose of producing sentences that make you think and meditate on the most imperative problems our society is scenting today. 

I don’t know if all that information is accurate, but I can guarantee that a dozen or even a million words can’t frame the reality of what is happening in one man’s head, all their wars, battles, fears, and ambitions.

Still, it was a well-spent time, and I hope his works give the new generations a different way of thinking and an example to mold.

I hope humanity makes this man with all his imperfections remain in history for a long, long time, as happened with Alexander the Great (Alexander the Great), Aristotle (Aristotle), Da Vinci (Leonardo da Vinci), Maxwell (James Clerk Maxwell), Newton (Isaac Newton) and Einstein (Albert Einstein) to mention a few.

Unconventional wisdom is often received in tiny sparks of time and perhaps in letters like this.

Don’t take these words for granted, but think a little about them, perhaps, I can touch your heart and make you judge from a different angle your present and future, not only as a human but as a part of a more complex thing that we all call the world.

  • People are worried about short-term life and not long-term civilization.
  • Social media is making people less social, creating wrong conclusions about other people’s lives, and filling a life full of depression and solitude.
  • Artificial General Intelligence is a fundamental risk to humans and civilization, it is the most dangerous thing out there, and we can’t stop it anymore.
  • Regulation of more advanced technology happens linearly, and technology is evolving exponentially.
  • The general wrong assumption is overpopulation, still, we can fit all the world’s people on the first floor of all existing buildings in New York.
  • General Base Income will be necessary in the future because everything will become too cheap to produce, and jobs will not be needed anymore. The most significant and underlying reality here is that people’s meaning is generally derived from work and employment, so that’s a real problem that is hard to fix.
  • If aliens exist out there and they came to us, travel all galaxies first that we do, then we are screwed.  
  • AI scientists believe they are more intelligent than they are, and ego makes scientists wrong. Usually, they must realize the ramifications of these mistakes and the technology they are building.
  • We should accelerate the transition to sustainable energy, we are going to run off oil. We are taking a vast amount of carbon from deep underground and putting this in the atmosphere; it’s hazardous; it is the dumbest experiment in human history.
  • If we don’t become AI, we will be left behind.
  • We should not let robots get into the street and allow them to shoot us, by then, we are already late to stop them.
  • Watch out; our population is collapsing, the birth rate is decreasing considerably, and babies and young people are the new real economy engines; if their lives are dedicated to caring for the oldest people instead of innovating and producing more, there is a real problem.
  • What if we are in a simulation, and you don’t know it?
  • Space civilization will happen, but it will create much dead underway; this is how new civilizations were made in the past, and this time will not be different, no discussion about it.

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