A Glimpse into the Heart of a Passionate Man.

Some friend this weekend told me I was too passionate about things.

Oh, that is true, I respond to him: “My friend, I will never be afraid to show my emotions, emotions are the spirit of life.”

The correct knowledge with a mix of consistent sensations, precise emotional words and belief created the most powerful and wealthy men that ever lived before.

But emotion, if not well educated, can also kill you, becoming your biggest disadvantage. I argue, with a lower tone and small breath.

Passion can move mountains and guide you to do unconventional things.

Love will help you forgive the unforgiveness.

Fear can prevent you from being killed or can expand your horizons.

Anxiety can show you your weakness.

Sadness can reveal what your heart wants to avoid.

A wise man should embrace their emotions and learn how to use them instead to create prosperity.

Well-educated emotions drive well-articulate conviction, more profound experience, a devoted and more significant life, and constant awareness.

So don’t try to hold them back, that will be painful. I finished after a long pause.

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